And fell a soldier

And fell a soldier.
Three Tankas
By AJ O’Brien.

Triple hammer blows
dance with glee across my chest.
Falling to the ground
I lay upon foreign soil,
no more a killer of men.

So bright the shadows
my eyes burning red sunsets.
Dark lies of sorrow
from death, the taker of souls
as I except his embrace.

Blue sky bitter black
where have all the angels gone?
Alone and dying
I whisper, Lord, where are you?
Dear Jesus, I must atone.
















Tanka. Haiku.
By AJ O’Brien.

Soft raindrops gather
creating sad reflections
upon her small face.
Lost, empty eyes reaching out
needing someone to embrace.

They held hands and wept,
while upon a distant hill
played the lone piper.