Dead or alive

Having a good time
cutting a wicked line
Playing silly games
collapsing veins
Your first date
beginning to hallucinate
Being O so rich
shaking like a bitch
Never being poor
no money to score
Having a wonderful dream
dragged awake by a scream
Baby coming soon
heating a loaded spoon
Fine dining
A family hike
another dirty spike
First across the line
doing hard time
Knowing what’s right
uncut China white.

Switch off the dark
Gimme some light.


Something said


So dark the road
I must tread,
never looking back
for fear of the dead.
Lost and alone
all it took was something said,
now she lays broken
upon a scarlet bed.

My soul is poisoned
this guilt I can not shed,
I stole her life
and so to the hanging tree
I am lead.